Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Fourteen Update CATCH-UP MARKET Everything appears to be playing catch-up.  More and more listings are coming on the market and values never really did decrease! Find more information about this below. With that being said, this will be the last weekly Covid-19 post, and I will return back to my monthly updates.  As I stated last week, […]
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Thirteen Update GRATITUDE AND REFLECTION As I sat down to prepare this weeks’ newsletter I had to pause for a moment as I came to the realization this is the 13th week of my specialized Covid publication!  It’s seems as though the weeks have flown by (as they all seem to run together), but also like an eternity.  Either way I […]
Market Monday’s with Matthew Matthew Gardner analyzes post-COVID 19 home prices and offers his prediction for whether or not they will end the year in the positive or negative.  
Market Phase 2 for Whatcom County Real Estate On Friday, June 5th, it was announced that the Washington State Secretary of Health has accepted Whatcom County’s application to move on to Phase 2 of the Washington’s Safe Start Plan. You can read a broad explanation of what that means here, and here are a few key changes: Lets you have 5 people inside household Restaurants can open to 50% capacity […]
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Twelve Update Moving On to Phase 2! Welcome to June! It was announced Friday June 5th that the Washington State Secretary of Health has accepted Whatcom County’s application to move into Phase 2 of the Washington’s Safe Start Plan. You can read a broad explanation of what that means here, below are a few key changes: Allows you to have […]
Market Monday’s with Matthew Now that things have settled down somewhat following the initial impact of COVID-19, Matthew dives into the topic of mortgage rates. Will they go below 3%? Matthew discusses this and the factors that have formed his updated 2020 and 2021 mortgage rate forecast.
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Eleven Update Getting Things Rolling Again After being cooped up for so long, no doubt you have noticed things around your home that you would like to fix or upgrade. Many contractors are slowly getting back to work after weeks of not being able to, and I have had clients asking for referrals of those I trust […]
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Ten Update Staying Put a Little Longer This week, officials announced that the closure for non-essential travel over the border crossing to Canada has been extended until the end of June. So, we will have to wait a little longer for any fun rendezvous up north. I am curious to pay attention to how many of our Canadian […]
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Market YOUR WEEKLY DOSE OF MATTHEW GARDNER This week not only will you find Matthew’s weekly market update, but he’s put out a video on Single Family New Construction. In this week’s episode of Mondays with Matthew, Matthew Gardner kicks off a series of episodes in which he answers questions from his followers. The first deals with how COVID-19 could impact where buyers […]
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Nine Update   Beginning & Ending on High Notes Our new normal seems to be becoming less new and more normal, just in time for our Phase 1 to be coming to an end- maybe one more week (at the earliest), and then we move on to Phase 2! It’s still not business as usual , meaning, no open […]
Market YOUR WEEKLY DOSE OF MATTHEW GARDNER The latest Monday’s with Matthew Job growth is critical to the health of the housing market, so on this week’s episode of “Mondays with Matthew”, Matthew Gardner analyzes the effect of COVID-19 on employment and what we can expect for the duration of the year.
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Eight Update SUNsational weekend!!! Who’s with me when I say “the weather this weekend was phenomenal?” Mother Nature certainly gave herself and all the moms out there the great gift of warmth and sunshine.  I hope all the mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day, you deserve a day to be recognized for all of your hard work.  […]
Market YOUR WEEKLY DOSE OF MATTHEW GARDNER The latest Monday’s with Matthew   Today Matthew discusses mortgage forbearance and whether it will help or hurt the US housing market. 
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Seven Update A Plan to Move Forward How Is Everyone Staying Sane? Can you believe we are here? It’s been over a month since the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order was enacted. I don’t know about everyone else, but some days can feel like a real struggle. Having young children at home keeps us busy, but I […]
Market YOUR WEEKLY DOSE OF MATTHEW GARDNER Whatcom County Q1 stats and the latest Monday’s with Matthew   This week Matthew addresses the growing concern that housing market is heading towards a repeat of the 2008 meltdown.  He uses data to explains how we are in a very different place then when the housing bubble burst. 
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Five Update This is week 5 of analyzing data in Whatcom County to observe the affects of COVID-19 on our housing market. There wasn’t really anything noteworthy this week in the news. We are all still in the trenches of this new temporary reality.    We’ve had some amazing sunsets lately!!! Here’s one from Saturday at Gooseberry Point […]
Market THIS MONTH’S FEATURED LENDER Tiffany Bergsma-Evans  NMLS# 487561 Senior Real Estate Loan Officer Peoples Bank Bellingham Real Estate Loan Center 3100 Woburn St Bellingham, WA 98226 Office: 360.650.5379 Cell: 360.303.9540 LENDING UPDATE WITH TIFFANY Banks Tightening Qualification Guidelines During this uncertain time, banks are in the process of tightening underwriting guidelines by adding more strict “overlays” to the Federal […]
Market Tax Updates The IRS issued guidance Thursday evening to grant deadline relief for both 1031 like-kind exchanges and opportunity zone investments that are already underway.  Both of these programs are designed to promote economic growth in communities, and the National Association of Realtors made the case that investors in these programs should not be harmed due to the effects of COVID-19. 1031 Like-kind […]
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Four Update STAY HOME, STAY HEALTHY HAS BEEN IN EFFECT FOR 4 WEEKS NOW… FOCUSING ON THE POSITIVES IS A MUST. HERE ARE A FEW OF MINE; QUALITY FAMILY TIME, SUNSHINE, BIRDS CHIRPING, AND BLOOMING FLOWERS!!  Most prominent in the news this last week was Washington State deciding that our students will not return to “in person schooling” this school year.  Families […]
Market MyProTeam Covid-19 Week Three Update MAY THE 4TH BE WITH US ALL….. AND QUICKLY!!! Here we are again with another update on our Stay at Home Directive, which now has been extended until May 4th. It might seem far away, but the more we stay home (and the better we follow the rules), the sooner we will be able to resume our […]